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Jesse Damon: Damon's Rage
Jesse Damon - Damon's Rage Art Work

Jesse Damon: Damon's Rage

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

While musician Jesse Damon has been somewhat consistently dropping solo albums since 2003, for some readers he may need some introduction. Damon started his career as the lead singer and guitarist for the obscure hard rock band Silent Rage. However, obscurity rose to some success when Gene Simmons signed the band to his label for the release of Don't Touch Me There in 1989. The album was well-received by fans and press alike. Damon would go on to have a prosperous relationship with Simmons including co-writing Thou Shalt Not for KISS's Revenge album.

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Jesse Damon

Simmons returned the favor by co-writing Everybody Needs Somebody for Damon's 2003 debut solo album, The Hand That Rocks. Additional solo albums appeared subsequently, wherein 2020 Damon drops his sixth studio album, Damon's Rage, and reuniting him with the AOR Heaven label. The album also reunites Damon with acclaimed producer Paul Sabu (Alice Cooper, Heart, Kim Carnes, Quiet Riot, et al) who also contributed on bass, bgvs, keyboards, and drum programming.

Suffice to say being both a vocalist and guitarist, Damon's Rage is platform for Damon's guitar chops and vocal skills. Damon offers the listener very guitar-centered melodic hard rock neatly packaged in an AOR wrapper. His riffs are assertive and sharp, yet also harmonious and never harsh. He compliments the wall of riffage with blazing solos to finish each song. As a vocalist, Damon's voice is nearly as assertive as his riffs, yet again never harsh and always complimenting the song harmony and melody.

Damon's Rage arrives with a selection of 12 songs, so here's some samples. You'll find some rhythmic and fast riff rockers with Play To Win, Adrenaline, and Damon's Rage. Alternatively, Damon gets his AOR cap on with the groove and catchy refrains of Here Comes Trouble Again and Electric Magic, both songs having a strong synth presence. Ballads arrive with Lonely Tonight, Shadows Of Love, and Love Is The Answer. No, the last song is not a cover of the Rundgren/Utopia classic, which is much better. Things turn a bit heavier with Flyin' Dutch,am, a rather plodding number that I didn't find agreeable. Nevertheless, for straight up, guitar-forward, melodic hard rock in an AOR wrapper, Jesse Damon's Damon's Rage is a fine and entertaining album. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

For straight up, guitar-forward, melodic hard rock in an AOR wrapper, Jesse Damon's Damon's Rage is a fine and entertaining album. Recommended.

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