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Nightfear: Apocalypse
Nightfear - Apocalypse Album Art Work

Nightfear: Apocalypse

Heavy/Power Metal

After two successful albums and numerous tours and festivals in support of them, Nightfear has found time to return to the studio. Now signed to Spain's Fighter Records, the quintet returns to offer their third long player, Apocalypse. The album features new guitarist Angel Fernandez.

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To recollect, Nightfear plays a mixture of traditional heavy and power metal, marked by strong twin guitar work, ripping solos, ambitious drumming, and plenty of gallop and groove. At the microphone, Lorenzo Mutiozabal is classic metal singer, a bit assertive, sometimes screamo, but mostly sings clean.

Turning to some of the songs, you'll note in many songs a pattern where the tunes begin with ferocious drumming paired with fiery guitar riffs and/or leads. Prime examples include We Are Back, The Stranger, and Through The Stars. For the instrumental Psichokiller, the interplay between guitar and drums develops into something of a heavy metal rock groove before leaping into some very guitar-forward power metal. While its safe to call Nightfear's music power metal, some songs, from their pacing, reminds more of old school speed metal, like We Are Back, A Better World, or The Evil In You. For the epic eight minute closer, Angels Of Apocalypse has a softer opening juxtaposed against strong guitar work for more traditional heavy metal in the first third of the song. Then song builds, getting both heavier and then faster in the end. Finally, across the entire album, every song is rabid with abundant and blistering guitar solos. If you like your heavy metal very guitar forward (as it should be), you will dig this album. With that said, Nightfear's Apocalypse finds the band in fine form once again, offering some entertaining and intense heavy power metal. Easily recommended.

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The Bottom Line

Nightfear's Apocalypse finds the band in fine form once again, offering some entertaining and intense, quite guitar-forward, heavy power metal. Easily recommended.

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