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Primal Fear: Metal Commando
Primal Fear - Metal Commando Album Art

Primal Fear: Metal Commando

Melodic Power Metal

For heavy metal fans, and constant readers of Dangerdog Music Reviews, Germany's Primal Fear needs little to no introduction. They're simply a great melodic power metal band with a constant and consistent output of albums. For my part, I've been a fan from the start. I checked my review archives, and I've reviewed every Primal Fear album since 2007's New Religion. Now, the band returns with their latest and thirteenth album, Metal Commando. The recording offers two changes: new drummer Michael Ehré (The Unity, Gamma Ray, et al) and a move from Frontiers Music to their first label, Nuclear Blast.

Primal Fear - Click For Larger Image

Primal Fear

I'm not going to make my normal elaborate explanation of the Primal Fear sound. If you know them, then you know what they sound like. (If not, check out some of my other reviews.) But I will mention one thing that sets Primal Fear apart. They have three, count them, three guitar players, which allows for some massive amounts of shredding from axe slingers Tom Naumann, Magnus Karlsson, and Alex Beyrodt.

Characteristically, Primal Fear is known for delivering catchy and melodic power metal rock, and you'll find that with I Am Alive, Along Came The Devil, or Raise Your Fists. But the band can also offer straight up, fast and heavy, power metal with My Name Is Fear or Halo, which has some fine vocal harmony. Alternatively, Primal Fear can mellow out for a ballad, the mostly acoustic I Will Be Gone which, curiously, offers no soaring electric guitar solo. The album finishes with the epic and lengthy Infinity, wherein Primal Fear offers bombastic power metal with generous guitar lines. Yet, after a fiery guitar solo midpoint, a breakdown occurs with acoustic classical guitar akin to what was found within I Will Be Gone. But, the power metal erupts once more before dropping into a bombastic symphonic synth finish, with big drums and more guitar harmony, and then a final piano outro. Sweet stuff. All things considered, Metal Commando is everything you expect and love about Primal Fear, excellent and entertaining melodic power metal. Easily recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

All things considered, Metal Commando is everything you expect and love about Primal Fear, excellent and entertaining melodic power metal. Easily recommended.

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