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Trick Or Treat: The Legend Of The XII Saints
Trick Or Treat - The Legend Of The XII Saints Art

Trick Or Treat: The Legend Of The XII Saints

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Since dropping their Helloween tribute gig in 2006, Italy's Trick Or Treat have gone their own way to create original music. While they've dropped several albums over the last 14 years or so, their larger success came with their concept albums, Rabbit's Hill, Parts 1 & 2, based upon Richard Adams' classic Leporidae fantasy, Watership Down. Now, Trick Or Treat arrives with their sixth studio and new concept album, The Legend Of The XII Saints. The album is based upon the 1985 Masami Kurumada manga and anime story Saint Seya aka The Legend of the 12 Gold Saints of the Zodiac saga. The 12 knights serve at the behest and protection of the Greek goddess Athena.

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Trick Or Treat

As you perhaps already know, Trick Or Treat plays genuine European power metal. Nothing within Legend of the 12 swerves away from this. You can expect the tunes to be fast and heavy with large amounts of power metal gallop and rock groove, yet with plenty of song melody and guitar and vocal harmony. As you would also expect, every selection abounds with blistering guitar solos. What would power metal be without them? (The answer is crap, but let's not go there.) Additionally, at times, the songs are made more lush and bombastic by some incidental synths.

As for the songs, each one is based upon a Zodiac named Athenian knight, reflecting their character and contribution to the story. I'll not burden you with a synopsis of all twelve. Rather, just for fun, I'll mention the ones based on the Zodiac symbols of the birthdays of my immediate family.

So let's start with my mom. She's 87 years old and a Scorpio. The Scorpio song is Scarlet Needle, a song that begins heavy and fast with tough riffs and rumbling drums and, essentially, doesn't quit until the end (and a furious guitar solo). Kind of like my mom, even at 87 she's still all go and no stop. You tell her not to go out during the COVID-19, what does she do? Yup. You guessed it.

Next, both my wife Debi (5/21) and my son Ethan (6/7) were born under the sign of Gemini (The Twins), separated by only by 35 years. Another Dimension offers another rush of riffage and pounding drums, and then the gallop begins. After the midpoint you get several waves of twin guitar solos. My son's wife, Deb (yep, you read that right; he married a Deb) was born in chilly February, under the sign of Aquarius. Diamond Dust, the Aquarian tune, dials back on both heaviness and speed, though not by much. Mostly, song melody and guitar and vocal harmony get the push. The hustle of speed develops later around the guitar solo.

Lastly, yours truly was born on August 16, the day Elvis died and the day Madonna was born (both can ruin a birthday), under the sign of Leo the Lion. Leo's song is Lightning Plasma, the character's main form of attack. The song roars as power metal with a lightning sharp guitar attack in the start and brisk solo in the second half.

If you recognized a theme with these songs, then you're correct and I repeat myself: Trick Or Treat once more delivers fast and heavy, guitar-roaring, quintessential European power metal. Except no substitutes. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

With their concept album based upon the manga/anime feature, The Legend of the 12 Gold Saints of the Zodiac, Trick Or Treat once more delivers fast and heavy, guitar-roaring, quintessential European power metal. Except no substitutes. Recommended.

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