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War Dogs: Die By My Sword
War Dogs - Die By My Sword Album Art Work

War Dogs: Die By My Sword

Traditional Heavy/Speed Metal

Formed a mere five years ago, War Dogs hails from Spain. It took two more years to settle into their current lineup, but they quickly dropped a self-titled debut EP in 2018. Now the young Spaniards offer their first long-player, Die By My Sword, for Fighter Records ... and the whole metalverse.

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War Dogs

Being influenced by such legendary peers as Omen, Eternal Champion, Iron Maiden, and Manilla Road, War Dogs play traditional, twin guitar driven, heavy speed metal. Actually, with their song The Shark, the band pays tribute to Manilla Road's Mark Sheldon, having their current vocalist Bryan Patrick on vocals. Otherwise, with the songs, you can expect classic, keep it true, heavy metal, filled with plenty of gallop, gusto, and groove. Most songs, such as Master Of Revenge, Kill The Past, or Castle Of Pain, begin with crisp riffs and thundering drums, and then you're off to the races with sharp guitar lines and generous solos. Ready To Strike is pure speed metal with a blistering bullet train pace. With Gorgon Eyes you get a roaring drum start before jumping into more galloping heavy metal. With these things said, I can only add, if you love classic heavy metal with strong guitar work and ambitious solos, you will enjoy War Dogs and their debut album, Die By My Sword. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

If you dig classic heavy metal with strong guitar work and ambitious solos, you will enjoy War Dogs and Die By My Sword. Recommended.

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