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Infinite & Divine: Silver Lining
Infinite & Divine - Silver Lining Album Art

Infinite & Divine: Silver Lining

Melodic Metal Rock

Established in 2019, Infinite & Divine is the collaboration between to Swedish artists, musician/songwriter/producer Jan Akesson and vocalist Terese Persson. The former is known for his work with StoneLake, which delivered seven studio albums, and his solo project Shadow Rain. Ms. Persson has been a vocalist, songwriter, and lyricist since her late teens, performing lead and background vocals for various Swedish artists. Some may recall her work with the obscure, now defunct, Swedish metal act Between The Silence or her work with guitarist Samuel Arkan's Epysode and 2013's Fantasmagoria.

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Infinite & Divine

With Infinite & Divine, Akesson and Persson are offering fans, essentially, melodic heavy metal informed by the accessibility and groove of traditional hard rock. After a spin and another, some musical observations can be made. Being written by a guitarist, all the songs are strongly guitar-forward with brisk and sharp riffs throughout, leading to satisfying guitar solos in the end. The guitar work is quite often paired with keyboard or programming to give the songs another layer of song density. The rhythm section is also quite tough, bring the boom but also the aforementioned rock groove. Pulling these characteristics together, the simple description of an Infinite & Divine song would be hard and heavy, dense, then often fast, while still promoting some song melody and harmony. You'll hear this immediately with I Fell Alive, yet also with Perplexed Perfection, the notably symphonic We Are One, and the quite heavy and dense, Not Too Late. The conundrum, or dilemma, in the songs is the simple fact that Ms Persson's voice is pushed down, often muted, in the arrangements by the heavy musical density. This is quite notable within Keep On Moving, Not Too Late, or Infinite & Divine. Conversely, she sounds better within Wasteland and Off The End Of The World where the music can drop softer at times allowing her voice to rise. With You And I, her vocals, while still punched down, can help carry the song melody and harmony (as they should throughout). Needless to say, Ms Persson is a fine vocalist, but perhaps might be heard better in a different musical context. All said, if you enjoy female-fronted melodic metal rock, you might find Infinite & Divine's Silver Lining to be an interesting and enjoyable listen. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

The Bottom Line

If you enjoy female-fronted melodic metal rock, you might find Infinite & Divine's Silver Lining to be an interesting and enjoyable listen.

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