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The Murder Of My Sweet: A Gentleman's Legacy
The Murder Of My Sweet - A Gentleman's Legacy Album Art

The Murder Of My Sweet: A Gentleman's ...

Symphonic Melodic Metal

A Gentleman's Legacy marks the return of The Murder Of My Sweet (TMOMS) which you know as the duo of vocalist Angelica Rylin and drummer, composer, and producer Daniel Flores. Their band history is both rich and consistent, dating back more than 10 years with five albums to their credit. Now, you may find the album title somewhat familiar. It refers to Mind's Eye's 2007 album A Gentleman's Hurricane. Wherein A Gentleman's Legacy is the sequel to the story.

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The Murder Of My Sweet

I'll try to make the concept brief. The former album was about the last days of a cold-blooded former CIA agent Adam Evangelista working for the mysterious Illuminati. The story ends with him finally meeting his daughter Pandora. A Gentleman's Legacy picks up the story with Pandora as the protagonist, following in her father's footsteps as a hired killer, but using her skills to destroy the Illuminati which destroyed her father. Our hero is made present, of course, by female vocalist Angelica Rylin.

As for the music within A Gentleman's Legacy, it's essentially basic and consistent TMOMS: symphonic melodic metal with heavy riffs and rhythm section, lush density, notable amounts of synths, and a smattering of guitar solos from Mike Palace (a fan of the first album) here and there. Now, if that description seems sterile or sounds ambivalent, then you've understood my tone. I've never been a huge fan of TMOMS (mostly I tire of the sparkling bits of synth novelty), but don't let that notion or the review score above fool you. This is a very fine TMOMS album, perhaps with more variety and so akin to the progish nature of Mind's Eye. These details are abundant within Damnation, Wheels Of Time, Winged, and Kill Your Darlings which I found to be some of the strongest songs on the album. Alternatively, something like A Ghost Of A Chance seemed merely fast and heavy. But then TMOMS hits you with the epic closer Finding Closure which is robust, symphonic, moving with groove, and the Palace solo kills. All said, if you're a fan of The Murder Of My Sweet, you will completely enjoy A Gentleman's Legacy, both it's music and conceptual story. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Take Away

All said, if you're a fan of The Murder Of My Sweet, you will completely enjoy A Gentleman's Legacy, both it's music and conceptual story. Recommended.

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