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Charlotte: Charlotte
Charlotte - 2022 Self-titled ReleaseP Album Art

Charlotte: Charlotte

Melodic Hard Rock

This month, to the digital pages of Dangerdog Music Reviews, we welcome back American archival label Eonian Records with a new archival release from LA's Charlotte. Their first release of early material came better than ten years ago with Medusa Groove, a solid presentation of melodic, bit blues-laced, hard rock. If you call Charlotte was among the host of bands riding the crest of LA's sleaze/glam/hair hard rock heyday. The bands that soared to the top with successful albums, grueling tours, and a half decent paychecks were, literally, few and far between. The sad fact of the mater is for every Motley Crue or Bon Jovi there was probably 30 (or more) bands simply grinding it out in anonymity and obscurity. Some loyal fans remember, but some lucky bands, now, have Eonian Records to bring their talent and history to current times. Enter Charlotte.

Charlotte Click For Larger Image

Charlotte: Circa 1988

Charlotte's self-titled release shares the same common denominator with previous material: a bunch of unreleased master recordings found in a box get the proverbial reboot of recovery, re-mastering and, for our good fortune, an actual release. Charlotte is packed with 17 high impact, well-crafted melodic hard rock tunes. With a single listen, fans of the genre will scratch their heads wondering why Charlotte was never discovered. Rock historians love to blame grunge for this; they are not entirely wrong. However, the first culprit has already been alluded to: the proliferation of similar rock bands. And record label execs were looking and longing for the next big moneymaker; after all that's the name of the game, isn't it, in the music biz: fame and fortune for label coffers. So, hindsight being 20/20, I very large "fuck you" is due to those label punters. But I digress in my long-winded editorial.

Allow me to suggest, having given Charlotte a spin or two, a few reasons why I dig Charlotte. First, these fellows are fine musicians with some boffo talent; ergo, their songwriting rises to premium status. Charlotte remembers that (hard) rock is moved by melody and harmony in vocals and guitar lines, rhythm and groove in the bass and drums, and iced with strong guitar solos and tactful catchy refrains. Additionally, I've always enjoyed how tastefully the band blends electric guitar and acoustic guitar in their arrangements. Also, the blues element remains, but perhaps in these songs more minimal. However, some may find this more self-evident within Zoo Of Hearts, Little Devils, Roadhouse, and Mistreated. Let the listener decide. Otherwise, for some tight melodic riff rockers of interest, listen for She's On Fire, Siren or, most definitely, Medusa Groove. "Groove" is a certainty in this song.

Charlotte is a long album, and perhaps they could have split this album into two releases. Or, there's nothing like going big. If you're a fan of classic rock, classic melodic hard rock, which is timeless, you will dig Charlotte and their latest release of archival hidden gems. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Take Away

If you're a fan of classic rock, classic melodic hard rock, which is timeless, you will dig Charlotte and their latest release of archival hidden gems. Recommended.

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