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Giant: Shifting Time
Giant - Shifting Time Album Art

Giant: Shifting Time

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

Giant the band requires little introduction to fans of classi rock. The iconic Eighties band returns with their fifth album, Shifting Time, featuring their fifth iteration (I think) of band members. Founded by musicians and producers David and Dan Huff in 1987, the latter is no longer a member of the band, yet is highly influential in its ongoing musical activities. Terry Brock is out as lead vocalist, replaced by Perfect Plan's Kent Hilli (which gives him major bragging rights). For fans of AOR rock and Giant, Hilli inclusion pique your interest. It did mine: he's a great singer.

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There's no need to define Giant sound, but to say this is classic AOR melodic hard rock: catchy, plenty of rhythm and groove, fine vocal harmony, and terrific guitar solos. But most fans will ask, perhaps, one question: how does this measure up to their seminal and lasting debut album, Last Of The Runaways? I wore the fuck out of those grooves. Good thing I have a copy of the original CD.

Honestly, there's little comparison. That's to say their will never be another Last Of The Runaways. Nevertheless, Shifting Times is still adequate and classic Giant. If anything struck me significantly, it was the strong often sharp riffs across some songs. My Breath Away, Never Die Young, and Let Our Love Win are some examples that rock hard, with subtle AOR influences. The coin is flipped, however, for the closing three songs which are heavily AOR accessible: Anna Lee, Don't Wanna Lose You, and I Walk Alone.

While these songs impress, I was attracted to some others. One was the bluesy flavor of Highway Of Love; another was Standing Tall's big rhythm section groove at the start, notably the thumping drums. The Price Of Love, an anthem, and It's Not Over, a ballad, are softer with layers of synths and acoustic guitar. We also find Hilli at his soulful best. But is he a fit for Giant? Honestly, I think Hilli could singing any AOR melodic rock tune, but he's spent his latest years with Perfect Plan where he was part of the songwriting. There's a learning curve with a new band and some listeners may say he's in the wrong classroom. But I'm a fan, so ... I liked what I heard, notably with the metalish rocker Standing Tall. All said, with Shifting Times, Giant makes a fine return to the AOR melodic hard rock genre. Get. You'll dig it. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

The Take Away

All said, with Shifting Times, Giant makes a fine return to the AOR melodic hard rock genre. Get it. You'll dig it.

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