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Entierro: The Gates Of Hell
Entierro - The Gates Of Hell Album Art

Entierro: The Gates Of Hell

Traditional Heavy Metal

Composed of musicians and friends from the Connecticut metal scene, Entierro was originally formed as Treebeard in 2009, something of a stoner doom band by Christopher Beaudette (b,v) and Cave Parmelee (d). Changing their name to Entierro (Spanish: burial), they added Christopher Begnal on guitar and evolved into a traditional heavy metal band. With Javier Canales as the second guitarist, the quartet would drop their first EP, 2014's Entierro 2016 would bring the second EP XVI but the eventual departure of Canalas.

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Canalas would be replaced by Arduni/Balich guitarist Victor Arduini. With a stable lineup in place Entierro would drop their debut long player, also eponymous, Entierro in 2018. The EP, El Camazotz (the Mayan bat god) would follow in 2021 including a cover of Priest's Call For The Priest. Now, Entierro returns with their second studio album, also a total DIY project, The Gates Of Hell

Entierro might be, in this modern age, as old school as it gets. Musically, their metal roots are deep, being influenced by Mercyful Fate, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, and Iron Maiden, to name only a few. The band members also dig the classic physical formats of vinyl and CDs (but also the portability of digital). They also prize their turntables.

Put these together, and you'll discover that two things. First, The Gates Of Hell is classic and traditional, twin guitar-driven heavy metal, stoked with gallop and groove in the rhythm section, and offering clean, yet bit rough, vocals and epic guitar solos. Second, there's only six songs tracking at about 30 minutes, suitable for vinyl with classy packaging and metal art work ... and that's what you get.

Some song notes follow. For straight up traditional metal, with heaviness and power, there's Umibozu, Under The Eye, and the title track, The Gates Of Hell. Venceran is a short and fast metal romp. Entierro inserts some notable rock rhythm and groove into their metal with Walk Away, and even more so with The Lords Of Rock And Roll.

All said, with The Gates Of Hell, Entierro flies high the flag of traditional, keep it true, heavy metal. Theirs is classic twin guitar driven metal, and they play it quire well. Definitely recommended. (Order from their BandCamp site, below.) - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Take Away

With The Gates Of Hell, Entierro flies high the flag of traditional, keep it true, heavy metal. Theirs is classic twin guitar driven metal, and they play it quite well. Definitely recommended.

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