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Hurricane: Reconnected
Hurricane - Reconnected Album Art

Hurricane: Reconnected

Melodic Hard Rock
Hurricane - Click For Larger Image

If you recall the Eighties glam metal band Hurricane, then you deserve major kudos for your memory of music history. I know Hurricane from my own personal history (and so my age is showing).

One, I have a cassette copy of their self-released debut album, 1985's Take What You Want. It's a decent first effort. Second, I saw Hurricane play Philly's Tower Theater on February 28, 1987, when they opened for Stryper on their To Hell With The Devil tour (Image right, top). All respect to Hurricane, but I came to hear Stryper. (And saw them again 30 days later at nearby Millersvile University.)

I recall enjoying Hurricane's performance, as did the crowd. I also remember meeting Hurricane guitarist Robert Sarzo while Stryper was on stage. He was one nice guy, very polite to this fan. On the strength of their performances, Hurricane would sign to Enigma Records (also the home of Stryper).

For more general history, via introductions from Kevin Dubrow (Quiet Riot), Hurricane was formed in 1983 with vocalist Kelly Hansen (vocals/rhythm guitar), Robert Sarzo (guitar), Tony Cavazo (bass), and Jay Schellen (drums). Cavazo and Sarzo are the younger brothers of Quiet Riot's Carlos Cavazo and Rudy Sarzo.

Before their first demise in 1991, the quartet would release three albums. The most popular was 1988's Over The Edge, featuring a cover of Alice Cooper's I'm Eighteen and two singles, I'm On To You and the title track. Hurricane would subsequently tour with Iron Maiden for three shows in America.

Shortly thereafter, Sarzo would leave the band in 1989, only to be replaced by guitarist Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio, House of Lords, and Revolution Saints, et al). But the band would fold after the release of 1990's Slave To The Thrill.

Hurricane - Click For Larger Image


At the turn of the century, the first reunion of Hurricane arrived, still sans Sarzo, but featuring Schellen and Hansen. Hurricane II would release Liquifury in 2001, only to disband once more a few years later. Hurricane III+ would emerge in 2010, with founding members Sarzo and Cavazo at the helm who would recruit new drummer, Mike Hansen. However, the vocal spot became a revolving door. During the period of vocalist Andrew Freemen (Raiding The Rock Vault), Hurricane would tour with Geoff Tate, wherein Sarzo would play guitar for both acts. In 2021, for Hurricane IV and their comeback album, Hurricane would recruit Tenors Of Rock veteran Dan Schumann. Reconnected is Hurricane's first studio album in over 20 years.

Time being what it is, the author of both change and progress, the Hurricane of 2023 is not the big hair glam band of 1988. Nevertheless, the band still delivers classic melodic hard rock with some metal edge, wrapped in arena AOR accessibility. More specifically, and definitely, the tunes within are driven by Sarzo's skilled guitar lines with sharp riffs and fine ripping solos. At the microphone, Schumann is a talented singer who follows and lifts song melody with versatility in his range. You'll find this within Disconnected, Innocent Girl, and especially Behind Your Shadow, a moody ballad (with a sweet solo).

Considering some other songs, you'll find straight up classic hard rock with Rockstar Cheater, You And I, and thumping Blind Love. Sarzo and Schumann combine for the light acoustic guitar ballad, Wishing Well. Finally, not unlike Over The Edge, Reconnected includes a cover song: Under Pressure from Queen and David Bowie. I liked it. The video follows. They also include a current version of the aforementioned hit single, I'm On To You.

Summing it all up: Hurricane's comeback album Reconnected is a fine, even better, return to form, delivering well-crafted and versatile melodic hard rock with AOR accessibility. Easily recommended.

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The Take Away

Hurricane's comeback album Reconnected is a fine, even better, return to form, delivering well-crafted and versatile melodic hard rock with AOR accessibility. Easily recommended.

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