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Scream Maker: Land Of Fire
Scream Maker - Land Of Fire Album Art

Scream Maker: Land Of Fire

Tradition Heavy Metal

Having inked a deal with Frontiers Music for the re-release, and international distribution, of 2022's Bloodking, Warsaw's Scream Maker returns with thier fourth long player Land Of Fire. Known as a traditional metal phenomena in their native Poland, the band regularly does the tribute show Ronnie James Dio Memorial. The band has toured locally and throughout Europe, but also made three tours in China (where they are quite popular). The new album finds the band now a quintet with addition of guitarist Bartosz ZiĆ³lkowski.

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Scream Maker

As said above, Scream Maker is a "keep it true," metal band revisiting the Eighties influences of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, DIO, Accept, and more. Their songs are built around the musical composition of founder and guitarist Michal Wrona, wherein you can expect thrilling guitar solos. And they abound. The permament addition of a second guitarist only embellished their arrangemnts to a twin-guitar attack.

To consider some songs and the album itself, I first must be honest. I was ambivalent about 2014's Livin' In The Past and last year's Bloodking. But this time around? I'm pretty impressed. Obviously, their genre style has not changed. But the songs and excution have gotten much, much better for this heavy metal fan. I think this might begin with Sebastian Stodolak's vocal presence being less screamo and more in tune with the song harmony. Moreover, while the songs are largely fast and heavy, there is a greater sense of groove and so accessibility. (The formula that Judas Priest did so well.) What has not changed and only gets better is Wrona's stunning guitar work. Love those solos.

So some favorite tracks: Way To The Moon, Can't Stop The Rain, Everbody Needs Illusions, and A Nail To The Head, likely the closest thing to speed metal. All in all, if you enjoy "keep it true" traditional heavy metal as I do, you will dig Scream Maker's latest long player Land Of Fire. Definitely recommeded.

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The Take Away

If you enjoy "keep it true" traditional heavy metal as I do, you will dig Scream Maker's latest long player Land Of Fire. Definitely recommeded.

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