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FM: Old Habits Die Hard
FM - Old Habits Die Hard Album Art

FM: Old Habits Die Hard

AOR Melodic Rock

Legendary UK AOR band FM celebrates their 40th anniversary with the release of their 14th studio album, Old Habits Die Hard. But the album arrives upon the heels of some band tragedy. In the midst of recording keyboard player Jem Davis was sidelined by a cancer diagnosis. Thankfully, he was healed of the malady. (Note, in the band photo below, his summation of the experience on his t-shirt.) Also, there was the sudden passing of Steve Overland's brother and founding member and guitarist Chris Overland. Additionally, guitarist Jim Kirkpatrick lost a long time friend when guitarist Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake, UFO, et al) died two days later. Yet, despite these losses, FM choose to carry on and so honor their friends with this music.

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Truly, for AOR fans, FM needs no introduction. Their arrival in the late Eighties with Indiscreet (1986) and Tough It Out (1989) put them on the charts. Success became spurious in the 90s, and the band would disband. However, a reunion came when headlining Firefest in 2007. The band agreed to carry on. With the EP Wildside in 2009 and the long player Metropolis a year later, FM was back in the saddle. Their output has been consistent and prolific to the delight of fans.

And so, fans will find Old Habits Die Hard to be classic FM and their signature AOR melodic rock that features among many things strong song melody, twin guitar harmony, memorable hooks and refrains, and Steve Overland's smooth and soulful vocals. Some songs took me straight back to Eighties, perhaps you too, such as up beat rockers Out Of The Blue, Blue Sky Mind, or Cut Me Loose. Tempo slows slightly with the more direct and heavy Another Day In My World and Whatever It Takes. That latter song but also Blue Sky Mind and No Easy Way Out display both Overland's emotional vocals and FM's gift for strong vocal harmony. There's more songs to explore, but I don't want to spoil your listening experience. I would, however, encourage you, when do listen, to turn the volume knob on your receiver up a few notches.

With forty years of talent, skill, and experience, Old Habits Die Hard declares that FM are still masters of AOR melodic rock. Fans will be pleased. Easily recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Take Away

With forty years of talent, skill, and experience, Old Habits Die Hard declares that FM are still masters of AOR melodic rock. Fans will be pleased. Easily recommended.

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