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Human Zoo: Over The Horizon

Human Zoo's 'Over The Horizon' sat on my desk for weeks. I knew I would like it after hearing a few cuts on their MySpace site. But I put off listening to it until this past week. And that was a major mistake. I should have jumped on it right away. This is a terrific album of classic German melodic hard rock with a significant difference. Human Zoo adds a little brass to their kick ass rock and roll with the saxophone of Boris Matakovic (ex-Subway).

Actually, for me, the best songs on the albums were the ones were the saxophone was emphasized. This includes the great 'Want It,' 'Be The One,' and 'Lovin' You.' However, you have to wait for them for 'Want It' comes as the fifth cut. But that doesn't mean you're suffering until then. Human Zoo delivers some hard-riffing melodic rock with superb choruses on 'Communicate' and the title cut, 'Over The Horizon.' 'Rock Your Town' was less inspiring, but they bounce back on the terrific rocker 'Hit The Rock' which strikes hard from beginning to end. 'Lovin' You' takes you back to the glory days of the Eighties: it's a song whose melody and chorus may swim in your mind for days. The album ends with a traditional rock ballad in 'Endless Road,' which features some wonderful vocal harmony.

Finally, the production is brilliant thanks again to the always consistent, Dennis Ward. There's first rate lead guitar work and the bass is equally present. Human Zoo is a class act with a great sound. Highly recommended!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

'Over The Horizon' is great melodic hard rock with a twist. The addition of saxophone gives several songs vibrant color and the band a unique place in this very crowded European genre.

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