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Seven Witches: Deadly Sins

Jack Frost is back with another 'Seven Witches' project. 2005's 'Amped' introduced us to a more modern metal style and Alan Tecchio (Hades) on vocals and this was quite a change from James Rivera (Helstar). Mr. Rivera was always predictable, yet definitely enjoyable. So again we have Alan Tecchio on vocals giving Seven Witches a coarser, more harsh sound. This hard for me to ovecome because I always enjoyed Mr. Rivera contributions to Seven Witches. With this cavaet, 'Deadly Sin' is a pretty good offering of straight heavy metal, with emphasis on 'heavy' with a good dash of old school thrash thrown in at times.

'Deadly Sins' is a concept work loosely based upon pacifist Mahatma Ghandi warning of modern man's 'seven deadly sins' which will destroy both indivduals or societies (see side bar). Concept albums are not unique among metal artists, but handling such a sophisticated moral philosophy may bend some listeners credulity. Essentially, fans listen to Seven Witches to hear Jack Frost pull of some stunning guitar work. He does not disappoint on this album. His best work can be found on the title track, and also the songs, 'Science,' Worship' and 'Pleasure,' though until you get to his solo, this song is nearly unbearable. And this probably sums up my feelings about 'Deadly Sins.' I found myself seemingly suffering through each song only waiting to her Mr. Frost rip it up. If there is a single stand out piece it's likely to be 'Wealth' or 'Man Of The Millennium' for I found myself listening to both with enthusiasm from start to finish.

I commend Jack Frost for applying metal to a timely and provocative sociopolitical commentary. The production is sound and his lineup sufficiently skillful. Tecchio eventually grows on you after several listens. He excels on 'Man Of The Millennium.' In the end, I can say that I enjoyed 'Deadly Sins,' but only with some hesitation based on my previous commentary. 'Deadly Sins' is decent heavy metal and Frost still has the chops. Recommendation: for fans this is a sure buy; for others, listen first, then make your decision. Or better, check out the Seven Witches back catalog especially 'Passage To The Other Side' and 'Xiled To Infinity And One.'
  - Craig Hartranft

The 7 Deadly Sins

Mahatma Ghandi listed for us what he considered the Seven Deadly Sins, or the things that will destroy individuals or societies: Politics without principle; Pleasure without conscience; Wealth without work; Knowledge without character; Business without morality; Science without humanity; and Worship without sacrifice.

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