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Airbourne: Runnin' Wild

Australian rockers Airbourne are having way too much fun! Just listen to their latest release, 'Runnin Wild.' These young men are having the time of their lives and playing their balls off. Airbourne calls this music 'genuine fist-pumping, beer-slinging, sweat-soaked rock 'n' roll.' And they are dead on. Inevitable comparisons will be made to their Aussie brothers AC/DC; however, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Somebody has to carry the torch of hard-hitting rock from down under to the rest of the world. The influence is obvious, yet the music is fresh, young and fun just as you remember when you first heard 'High Voltage.'

'Stand Up For Rock 'N' Roll' kicks off the album with a true 'call to rock' anthem. Fire up the lighters and charge the stage. After this, you better be ready to rock because 'Runnin' Wild' keeps this boogie-based rock rolling at full throttle. By the time you get to 'Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast,' (another good description of Airborne), you've been hammered into submission. You know you've stumbled upon the real deal: this is rock and roll!'

The youngsters stumble slightly on 'Diamond In The Rough,' probably the weakest (if there truly is one) song on the album. But they easily recover with 'Fat City' and 'Blackjack.' The later rocks and rumbles along with break-neck speed, a fine rocker. If any song reminded me of Bon Scott-era AC/DC, it's 'What's Eatin' You.' After listening to 'Girls In Black,' I believe Airbourne could tip their hats to Motley Crue. 'Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women' is pure rock and roll camp; it fits so well with the whole Airbourne attitude. 'Heartbreaker,' another fine cut, has my favorite guitar solo on the whole album. Mr. Roads really rips it up on this one.

Before concluding, I must give my best kudos to the entire Airbourne four piece. Hats off to vocalist Joel O'Keeffe who holds his own with no comparisons necessary to that other aforementioned band. Brother Ryan plays the skins like a animal, keeping a steady beat. With bass player Justin Street, the rhythm section is solid and tight. And guitarist David Roads has enough licks in the proper place to satisfy any fan of lead guitar.

Airbourne is definitely the real deal! 'Runnin' Wild' is classic hard rock with enough boogie and melody to keep your toes tapping and your head banging. This band has a bright future ahead of them. Hopefully, America and the rest of the world will pick up on their great grooves, and simply fun rock and roll.

In Short

Aussie band Airbourne breathes new life into the hard rock genre with 'Runnin' Wild.' This is awesome rock and lots of fun. If you think rock and roll is dead in this self-absorbed, emo landscape, then give a listen to Airbourne. I predict you will buy a few more lighters and dust off your best denim or leather jacket (maybe adding a few new band patches, too). Great stuff!

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