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Battleroar: To Death And Beyond
Heavy Metal
Rating: 4.0/5.0

There's no doubting what you can expect from Greece's Battleroar when you listen to the opening strains of 'The Wrathforge' on their new album, 'To Death And Beyond.' The piece is musical marching orders to battle as the drums pound out a steady beat and the music rises a crescendo. The songs leaps into a galloping sound assault as Battleroar does what they do best: deliver epic heavy/power battle metal. 'To Death And Beyond' is their first work since 2005's 'Age Of Chaos,' an album that solidified their style. Be prepared for more of the same style yet seasoned with experience, determination, and a bit more innovation.

While 'The Wrathforge' delivers basic heavy metal with a warrior motif, there is much more on this album to enjoy. 'Finis Mundi,' by far the best cut on the album, brings a mixture of classic and power metal. It is graced with a great folk interlude about half way that blends acoustic guitar and violin which brings the song to crushing metal conclusion. 'Oceans Of Pain' is marked by two significant things: some brilliant drumming in the intro by Nick Papadopoulos and solid vocals of Marco Concoreggi. This song also enjoys another acoustic interlude that is simply masterful. But what is even better is the soaring guitar work that follows. 'Death Before Disgrace' is another excellent track that has 'epic' written all over. My suspicions rose when I noticed that Battleroar would cover a Manilla Road song (Morbid Tabernacle/Isle Of The Dead). Believe it or not they honor their peers well. Although I enjoyed 'To Death And Beyond,' not everything impressed me. I could do without 'Born In The '70's,' a mediocre number way below Battleroar's caliber. But this was the only song so I consider more as hiccup within an otherwise exceptional effort.

Battleroar succeeds in delivering epic heavy metal on 'To Death and Beyond.' This is a very solid work. If you long for powerful metal with extravagant composition and lyrical themes, you will not be disappointed in the least with Battleroar's 'To Death And Beyond.' Very recommended.

In Short

Battleroar delivers well what they know best, epic heavy metal that brings adventurous themes to life. 'To Death And Beyond' again demonstrates their talent and determination to recover the best of classic heavy and power metal.

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