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Emir Hot: Sevdah Metal
Melodic/Progressive Heavy Metal
Rating: 5.0/5.0

Forget everything you know about guitar shredders and welcome Mr. Emir Hot, the future of rock/metal guitar. Sure, his influences touch the greats (you know their names). Emir Hot (what a great name!) was born in Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina). 'He showed his first interest in the guitar when he was 5. His first influences were Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, records from the collection of his two older brothers.' In 2003, Mr. Hot providentially 'auditioned for the most prestige (sic) music college in the world, the Berklee College of Music, Boston (USA), and he passed the audition.' Fast forward to the present: he was discovered by Lars Eric Mattsson (president of Lion Music) and so a great guitarist comes to light. And we are so much better for it!

Emir Hot can play (and shred) with the best. Make no mistake, Hot is hot. He thrills on lead guitar and delivers effortlessly on bass. He is grouped with outstanding vocalist John West (Artension) and prolific drummer Mike Terrana (Tarja Tunnen, Masterplan, Rage, and so many more). 'Sevdah Metal' is simply magnificent; so magnificent, I will probably run out of adjectives to describe the beauty of this work. The song composition and arrangement is brilliant as Hot merges rock, metal, and ethnic music into a complete tour de force of unique and satisfying music. If the electric guitar work, lead vocals, and drums aren't enough, consider the intricate blend of acoustic guitar work, unique ethnic instruments (is that an accordian I hear?), and the brilliant and immensely pleasing background vocals.

I can easily say that I was pleased with every track on this work. 'Sevdah Metal' grabbed my ears and mind and hooked me from the opening chords. On 'Devils In Disguise,' Emir Hot shows us a foretaste of his brilliance. But it does not end there. 'World On Fire' and 'Skies And Oceans' thrill with consistent musicianship from Hot and company. When you arrive at 'Stand And Fight,' Hot delivers a simple melodic rock ballad that intrigues with his incredible guitar solo. For pure shredding guitar work, there is 'Hora Martisorului.' Yet, the masterpiece of this album comes at the end. 'You' is both a monumental and prolific work that allows all the musicians to shine. John West is perfect, and Hot delivers his best work on the album.

Emir Hot's 'Sevdah Metal' is simply a brilliant work from a master craftsman. Everything about this work shines. If you have not discovered Emir Hot, let me be the first to introduce you to this inspiring and talented guitarist. Highly recommended: buy this album!

In Short

Emir Hot, a young and brilliant guitarist from Eastern Europe, will astound you with his debut solo work 'Sevdah Metal.' His technique is flawless: he shreds with the best but delivers more than historical guitar references. His compositions are delightful and intriguing. Hot is the metal Malmsteen (and better) for the new millennium.

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