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Lana Lane: Red Planet Boulevard

Lana Lane is an accomplished vocalist with more than ten years of experience. Her musical range includes jazz to melodic rock and metal. Her voice is always smooth, controlled and compelling. She's like a refined Ann Wilson with a Dio edge when she moves into metal. With 'Red Planet Boulevard,' Ms. Lane only continues her impressive career. This is an exceptional work, one of her very best. Produced by husband, Erik Norlander, an accomplished musician himself, 'Red Planet Boulevard' brings melodic and symphonic rock that is a joy to listen to.

You should not have any expectation of monotony on this work. This a musically diverse and complex work. 'Into The Fire' kicks off the album in a heavy and powerful way with Ms. Lane offering intense, yet clean vocals. Songs like 'The Frozen Sea' and 'Stepford, USA' have a certain subtlety that takes you off guard; the former with its melodious vocal styling, and the later with it's evocative guitar work. 'Capture The Sun' is a simply brilliant symphonic rocker. 'Lazy Summer Day' is nearly unclassifiable, somewhat AOR with a bluesy feel. Other great tracks include 'Save The World' and 'Angels And Magicians. The latter, Ms. Lane's vocals are mesmerizing and delicate guitar interlude midway is equally hypnotizing. The album concludes with two extraordinary pieces. 'The Sheltering Sorrow is a quiet number with smooth vocals and beguiling guitar riffs within a captivating arrangement. Yet, the best seems to be left for last for the final (title) track is an alluring combination of all the musicians talents, and Lane does not sing a word!

'Red Planet Boulevard' is rather extraordinary: it is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.' This is a diverse album of different versions of melodic rock that only makes Lana Lane shine brighter. Frankly, I'm amazed at the smoothness and versatility of Lana Lane's vocals; there are very few that can aspire to her level of skill and excellence. Many consider her first work 'Love Is An Illusion' as the best and most classic Lana Lane album ever. Fans my find this close in comparison if not a very close second. Highly recommended!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Lana Lane may be the greatest female rock/metal vocalist in the last decade. She's often imitated but never duplicated or surpassed in terms of skill and versatility. 'Red Planet Boulevard' secures her place easily. It's as good as her debut and now classic work 'Love Is An Illusion.' This is beautiful melodic rock music, one of the best.

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