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Liquid Horizon: Revolutions

It took me quite some time to secure Liquid Horizon's latest work, 'Revolutions' which hit the streets in October, 2007. However, what I heard on their My Space account months before today convinced me that I needed to secure this album and give it a full listen. I'm not disappointed. This is very good progressive metal from Liquid Horizon which was founded in the year 2000 whose main influences include Savatage, Dokken, Vanden Plas and Dream Theater. That is pretty good company to keep and very impressive influences.

Although impressed, I don't think Liquid Horizon is going to turn a lot of heads considering the glut of European prog metal available today. Though 'Revolutions' is hardly novel it holds it's own against its peers and influences. It's heavy, melodic and creative music. There's a great mixture of arrangements here that persuades you to listen from beginning to end. I was particularly impressed by 'Freedom,; especially the vocals and guitar work. 'Sacrifice' is certainly enthralling because of Oliver Kilthau's impressive vocals and guitars and the entire work of the band on this subtle and sophisticated arrangement. It's more heavy metal ballad than anything else on the work. Of all the parts on this album, the most significant is the trilogy about the French Revolution: 'The King,' 'Revolution,' and 'The System Of Terror.' There are enough twist and turns in these arrangements to positively draw your attention and wonder what the future holds for Liquid Horizon: a positive one, I hope. (Of course, I could say the same for 'Sacrifice.') But there are also some dull moments like the song 'Resistance' which has sterling guitar work, yet still seems more like power than prog metal, and 'Battle Entrance' which can easily be ignored for its predictability.

In the end, I'm glad I found Liquid Horizon's 'Revolutions.' It is promising progressive metal. Look forward to more from this talented band. Very recommended.
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Liquid Horizon's 'Revolutions' took some time to secure, but I was not disappointed. Their version of European prog metal, though not new, can easily stand with their peers. Some songs just ring with vitality and creativity like 'Sacrifice' and 'Freedom.' Liquid Horizon is definitely worth your exploration.

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