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Michael Vescera: A Sign Of Things To Come
Melodic Heavy Metal
Rating: 4.0/5.0

Vocalist Michael Vescera is no stranger to fans of melodic hard rock and heavy metal. In his early career he was the front man for Obsession. Then Japanese legends Loudness call upon him and he became the first western vocalist for the band. He later moved on to sing for shredder Yngwie Malmsteen. In the meantime to the present he's found time to form his own band, MVP, work with Dr. Sin, Roland Grapow (Helloween, Masterplan), The Reign Of Terror (Joe Stump) as well as running his own studio and producing other acts. Experience, time and a busy schedule has not dulled one bit of Mr. Vescera's great vocals. 'A Sign Of Things To Come' proves his strength and viability.

Vescera is helped on this work by some great musicians including Jim Bell and BJ Zampa (House of Lords), Chris McCarvill (Obsession, Jeff Scott Soto), Mats Olaussen (Yngwie Malmsteen, Ark), Scott Boland, John Bruno and Jay Mezias (Obsession), Todd Kennedy and Tony Mei (XFactorX). Yet even better is the introduction of two new guitarists. Joey Concepcion, a 17 year old guitar prodigy from Connecticut and Ango Tasso, a newly discovered shredder from Taiwan, perform on 'Sign.' And these two are pretty darn good as heard on

The music itself is pure classic melodic metal much like what Vescera did with Malmsteen. Vescera's vocals are relatively sturdy throughout and never overbearing. The guitar work thrills on every song, most notably on 'I Have Seen The Light' and 'Hands Of Fate,' which are two of the best tracks on the album. The music can also swing towards song steady melodic hard rock as on 'Something To Believe' or even more so on 'Crossing The Line.' But then a song like 'Make Your Move' simply blurs the boundaries. It's only when Vescera approaches a ballad like 'When You Are Crying' do we hear some of his age come through: he strains slightly, but still performs with precision. And this another song with a great guitar solo.

Overall, Michael Vescera's 'A Sign Of Things To Come' is a consistent and entertaining work of melodic rock and metal. Vescera still has the goods to perform with strength and enthusiasm. However, the best thing about the album may be the fret work by the youngsters. Very recommended.
   - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Veteran metal and rock vocalist Michael Vescera delivers a fine and compelling album of melodic metal and hard rock in 'A Sign Of Things To Come.' His voice is still strong, and thanks to the discovery of two new young guitar talents, 'Sign' incredibly viable and entertaining.

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