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Motorhead: Motorizer
Melodic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Rating: 3.75/5.0

What can you begin to say about rock/metal legends Motorhead? Honestly, they're an institution: unavoidable and undeniable. 'Motorizer' is their 20th release in more years. Motorhead is still doing what they do best: delivering high octane music which blends melodic rock and metal with heavy doses of thrash and speed metal. Frankly, I was disappointed by 2004's 'Inferno' that I simply passed over 'Kiss Of Death' in 2006. But after listening to 'Motorizer, I realized that Motorhead are not trying to be trendsetters. They simply deliver what they do best. This is what you get on 'Motorizer:' straight forward, balls-to-the-wall, kiss ass music.

Though 'Motorizer' is basic Motorhead without innovation or novelty, it is still great bledn of melodic rock and metal. Motorhead have always been minimalists. They can do more with three instruments to create a wall of sound than Phil Spector could do on his best day in the studio with twice the number of musicians. Lemmy is still sound: gruff and hearty. Phil Campbell revels in his guitar sounding fresh on almost every song. Mikkey Dee pummels the skins with accuracy and solid rhythm. The best songs personify the heart and soul of this trio including 'Runaround Man,' a fast, melodic and fun rocker, 'When The Eagle Screams,' more metal, 'Rock Out, this album's 'Ace Of Spades, 'Buried Alive,' fast, melodic hard rock, and 'Thousand Names Of God,' a good finish that combines the best of rock and metal. There are some dull moments on the album particularly in the middle with 'English Rose' and 'Back On The Chain.' However, overall, it's a very satisfying album. Recommended!
- Craig Hartranft

In Short

'Motorizer' is Motorhead's 20th studio album. Expect classic Motorhead on this work, plain and simple. Good and satisfying melodic rock and heavy metal, no more and no less.

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