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Naughty Boys: R U Naughty Enough
Melodic Hard Rock
Rating: 3.5/5.0

Sweden's Naughty Boys' 'R U Naughty Enough' was released almost a year ago in November, 2007. Generally, I do not review albums this dated, but this is a band that should not be overlooked. Formed in 1989, they only got off the ground with an eponymous release in 1993, only to disband a year later. They reunited in 2002 and begin working on the beginnings of what would finally be the present full length work. First impressions are deceiving: with moniker like Naughty Boys I expected another dose of the current retro sleaze/glam rock prevailing within Scandinavia. I couldn't have been more wrong. Naughty Boys deliver straight up melodic hard rock with great riffs, catchy melodies and big choruses.

The strength of the Naughty Boys lies in their ability to craft a decent melodic hard rock song. They emphasize the melody but bring some solid vocals, strong riffs, a steady rhythm section and stirring guitar work to the arrangements. Though there are some monotonous moments on this work, overall there is some quality stuff here. The opening track, 'Only God' shows Naughty Boys ability deliver strong rock with solid melody, vocals, and fret work. Another standout is 'After The Rain' having an acoustic guitar and piano foundation racing towards a strong finish in an excellent solo. 'Trail Of Tears,' a straight forward melodic rocker, displays a strong bass line and continuing tradition of sound fret work. Other remarkable songs include 'Learn To Fly' which repeats some elements of 'After The Rain,' yet stands alone thanks to the outstanding vocals and an arrangement that soars to a great guitar solo finish. Additionally, on 'Worlds Collide,' Naughty Boys bring a bluesy feel to traditional melodic hard rock. In between the best, there some rather ordinary melodic rock numbers: not necessarily boring, but hardly extraordinary.

Naughty Boys have some genuine talent and, therefore, promise to be a great melodic hard rock act. 'R U Naughty Enough' is a strong effort which will undoubtedly please many fans of this genre. I think even better stuff will be forthcoming. Recommended!
- Craig Hartranft

In Short

Released nearly a year ago, Naughty Boys 'R U Naughty Enough' had enough strong melodic hard rock material to cause me to listen up and take notice. This is straight ahead and sound melodic hard rock. Naughty Boys is a band that should not be overlooked now or in the future.

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