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Stormwarrior: Heading Northe

Do you like power metal with a bombardment of blistering guitar licks and a thundering rhythm section? Do like myth and mythology mixed with your metal? Do want to bang your head? If the answer is a fist-raised 'yes,' then you are prime candidate for Stormwarrior and their new work 'Heading North.' Stormwarrior are 'known worldwide for their unique style combining True Heavy Metal anthems with the concept of Nordic mythology. Hailing from Northern Germany and greatly inspired by the 80ís metal scene, especially the Hamburg Metal godfathers like Helloween and Running Wild ...' (cf. stormwarrior's myspace). Without doubt this is agressive melodic power metal. Stormwarrior blends their strong power metal with Nordic mythology and does a supreme job.

The whole album is bombastic and simply over-the-top power metal. Stormwarrior knows their style and succeeds at playing it well. Don't look for diversions into other metal genres: this is straight forward in-your-face and band-your-head metal. But there are some highlights like the title cut and also 'The Holy Cross,' Ragnartsk,' 'The Revenge Of Asa Lande,' much like a heavier Iron Maiden, and 'Lion Of The Northe' which surprises with its mild opening.

Otherwise, be prepared to be pummelled from beginning to end by Stormwarrior's assertive and dynamic metal. Truly, you have heard this before, but Stormwarrior does this equal to or better than their peers. If you like straight forward mythological power metal, then you will certainly not be disappointed by 'Heading Northe.' Not exactly my cup of tea, yet I still liked the performance recommended.
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Stormwarrior is simply mythological power metal, nearly battle metal. And they do it very well. You will be assualted by fierce, fast, and still melodic power metal. If this is your genre, you will love Stormwarrior's latest release.

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