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The Storm: Where The Storm Meets The Ground
Goth/Symphonic/Melodic Rock/AOR
Rating: 4.0/5.0

The Storm arises from Denmark composed of the duo, Pernille Rosendahl and Johan Wohlert. Frankly, The Storm is hard to classify musically. It's part Goth, part symphonic rock/metal, and a lot of simply AOR/melodic rock with strong female vocals. 'Where The Storm Meets The Ground' is produced by the legendary Roy Thomas Baker (no reference or introduction needed!) This means that the production is clean and sparkling. Perhaps you might compare The Storm to Evanescence, without the hardness or After Forever with the symphonic melody. But comparisons, as usual, are often useless. In the end, this is a pleasing album though sometimes the music runs together.

I don't want to say that I've heard this all before. It's simply not true. There is truly some variation throughout the work despite my initial reservations. Undoubtedly, Ms. Rosendahl has a pleasing vocal style that keeps you listening and wanting more. And the songs are impressive, almost magical and eccentric in their presentation. I truly enjoyed this album.

I don't think The Storm is going to really surprise or convince anybody of anything new. However, it is some of the best music I've heard in this multifaceted genre in a long time. It's almost 'easy listening' music; it does not require an abundance of critical thought to process just open ears and a relaxed mind. Give The Storm a chance; I think you will be satisfied. I think The Storm has a bright future. Recommended!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

The Storm comes from Denmark composed of the duet, Pernille Rosendahl and Johan Wohlert. Ms. Rosendahl is impressive and accomplished on vocals. This is essentially melodic rock with a gothic feel. It's very good, yet it may not rise above current offerings. I think it should. The Storm has a bright future.

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