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Bones of Freedom: World Domination 1
Bones of Freedom World Domination 1 review

Bones of Freedom: World Domination 1

Hard Rock
Rating: 4.5/5.0

You may want to stock up on your tie-dye shirts once you give Bones of Freedom's World Domination 1 a spin. All those heavy riffs, deep tones, and driving grooves from the 1970's are sweating from this colossal slab of hard rock. Bones of Freedom is one eclectic and unlikely combo. Rising from Sweden's Gothenberg, the European haven of black metal and the revival of gutter glam rock, BOF's members hail from Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and England. Adding to the mystery, World Domination 1 was recorded in Sweden and released on Scotland's Spook Records.

Like their early peers, World Domination 1 is steeped in a mosaic of blues, soul and psychedelic music. Roots rock dovetails with classic rock conspires for a entertaining sound thick with groove and unquestionable passion. 1973 bleeds everything psychedelic near immaculate precision. Songs like Loud and Proud and Miss Dynamite lay down a heavy groove while delivering infectious rock and roll. Some will protest it as a clever, yet obvious rip off, but Led Waters sounds like its name: Zeppelin merging with Mississippi Muddy Waters for another earthy mystery of classic rock. Styling a little political fire and copy from U2, on Soldiers Song, BOF merges 90's protest with late 1960's urgency.

With all things old becoming new once again, bands around the world are finding, appreciating, and reviving the great styles which made rock and roll famous. Bones of Freedom is one band that makes this trend a serious and inspiring renaissance rather than simply a sleepy sentimentalism. Quite recommended!

In Short

With World Domination 1, Bones of Freedom resurrects the heart and soul of 70's classic rock for a serious and inspiring renaissance rather than simply a sleepy sentimentalism.

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