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Trusties: Human Wheel
Trusties Human Wheel music review

Trusties: Human Wheel

Progressive Rock
Rating: 4.5/5.0

File Trusties' latest release Human Wheel under unexpectedly surprising. On their third album in only 12 years, this Finnish quintet surprises with some eclectic yet thoroughly enjoyable progressive rock. Though Trusties admit a kinship with Rush, Dream Theater, and even the more modern System of a Down, you will be hard pressed to pigeonhole their sound. Impressive musicianship works with creative and ambitious compositions for an accomplished result. Admittedly, at the start Radiobeings seemed overtly knotty and difficult to grasp. But as the song traveled through its movements, I knew I was on to something both original and entertaining. Expect no less from the rest of Human Wheel with the title track, Them or Us, and You Can Only Lose presenting smashing arrangements which will have prog fans simultaneously smiling and scratching their heads. Only When Sense Meets Its Maker seemed a little murky in the middle and so tedious. Also, though I was impressed by his flexible style across the songs, Matti Ylilauri's vocals just didn't inspire me. Others have compared him to Geddy Lee (I guess because of the Rush references), but there's little similarity, and Ylilauri has a greater depth of expression. In the end, the music captured and propelled me: Human Wheel is pure prog magic from some very talented fellows. Very recommended.

In Short

Trusties third release, Human Wheel, unleashes pure musical magic bound to captivate and inspire fans of creative and entertaining progressive rock. Do not miss this one.

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