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W.E.T.: W.E.T.
W.E.T. new music review

W.E.T.: W.E.T.

Melodic Rock
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Fans of all things European melodic rock are going to love W.E.T. This acronym represents the bands, and individual artists, represented in this new project for Frontiers records which includes Robert Sall, guitarist of Work of Art, Erik Martensson of Eclipse and Jeff Scott Soto, singer of Talisman. Uniting two of the most prolific and promising songwriters with the immense vocal talent of Soto will have some whispering 'super group' for a new arena age. They might not be far from the truth, as Soto has commented on the project, "Quite simply, this is the Journey album that could have been had I continued with them!" Wow! That's quite a statement to make, but the W.E.T. debut backs up the promise.

From first to last W.E.T. is a powerhouse of melodic rock. Song writing and music composition is more than ambitious, and representative of a time when the power of melody, a good hook or two, and a rousing chorus defined a great song. Jeff Scott Soto goes above and beyond the call with nearly immaculate tone and pacing on every song. Many songs simply tower with that huge arena rock sound that reveals pure talent and enthusiasm. To hear what I mean, listen for One Love, Brothers In Arms, Comes Down Like Rain (gigantic!), or Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. And these are only the first highlights as you will want to spin this disc several times for full effect. There's a bit of redundancy inherent in classic European melodic rock as you travel through this debut, but the songs are so well-crafted and breathtaking you probably won't notice it. Strongly recommended.

In Short

Comprised of a formidable trio of musicians in Sall, Soto, and Martensson, W.E.T. delivers an ambitious and breathtaking powerhouse of melodic rock. This is a solid work, impressive and entertaining, and hopefully not a one-off project.

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