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Messenger: Starwolf Part 2 - Novastorm
Messenger Starwolf Part 2 Novastorm CD Album Review

Messenger: Starwolf Part 2 - Novastorm

Heavy/Power Metal

Germany's galactic heavy metal space pirates have returned with the second part of their Starwolf space opera, Starwolf Part 2 Novastorm. As for the story, which is sort of convoluted, I'll refer you to the previous album review for Starwolf Part 1 The Messengers.

Messenger Photo


And while you're there, continue reading to the last paragraph because it will give you a sense of Messenger's music. They play classic melodic heavy and power metal in the best German tradition. Plain and simple. There's lots of galloping speed and groove powered by the tight rhythm section and embellished by twin guitar riff harmony. These are followed by an abundance of blistering lead solos. While vocalist Francis Blake can have somewhat of a raw sound, his vocals and the band vocal harmonies add another layer to the metal, notably with choir-like gang vocals. You'll also find some symphonic notations, orchestration by synths most likely, in several songs such as Sword Of The Stars and Fortress Of Freedom. Largely, most of the songs are roaring power metal, you do get some lighter moments with Frozen, an obvious heavy metal anthem, with strong guitar harmony. Another lighter tune, at least in the first third, is one of two bonus tracks, Keep Your Dreams Alive which, just before the midpoint, roars into a power metal. Ultimately, I found the strengths of Messenger to be, once again, their solid twin guitar harmony and their basic and complete command of classic power metal. So, while not entirely novel, if you like the genre, the band, and their recent twist to heavy metal space opera, you will enjoy this album.

Messenger - Wings Of Destiny

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In Short

While not entirely novel, if you like the genre, classic power metal, the band, Messenger, and their recent twist to heavy metal space opera, you will enjoy Starwolf Part 2 Novastorm.

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