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Conjuring Fate: Curse Of The Fallen
Conjuring Fate - Curse Of The Fallen Album Art Work

Conjuring Fate: Curse Of The Fallen

Traditional Heavy/Power Metal

Formed nearly 15 years ago in Northern Ireland by guitarist Phil Homer, Conjuring Fate has been a work in progress. It took until 2014 to drop their first EP, House On Haunted Hill. Band dynamics and personnel changes being what they are, Conjuring Fate eventually delivered their first full-length album, Valley Of Shadows in 2016 as an independent release. Six months later, Pure Steel Records, following wild wind of the burgeoning metal underground in Northern Ireland, re-released the album for international consumption. Now Conjuring Fate returns with their long awaited follow-up, Curse Of The Fallen, once more on the Pure Steel label, and with new drummer Niall McGrotty on board.

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Conjuring Fate

Phil Homer and Conjuring Fate are unashamed of and uncompromising about their influences and metal style. Citing large doses of Iron Maiden and Saxon, among others, Conjuring Fate delivers a hybrid of NWoBHM and classic power metal. Expect the usual suspects in their Irish heavy metal: twin guitars for riff harmony and soaring leads, plenty of galloping rock groove from the rhythm section, and vocalist Tommy Daly delivering throaty, clean vocals, with the other fellows backing him up with gang bgvs. It's a familiar formula, but also one tried and true one and Conjuring Fate nails it.

As for the songs, after the spooky Hammond organ instrumental intro, most all songs are a leap from the proverbial gate into a rush of heavy power metal. Most often the start is simply a combinations of riffs, rhythm and groove, add some brisk gallop, and then direct all things to the sin qua non of "keep it true" heavy metal, guitar solos. Those guitar solos thrive across the album rising to soar and thrill fans who love guitar metal. Like you and me. Fine examples of this metal methodology come with Burn The Witch, Original Sin, No Escape, and Daughter Of The Everglades. For something perhaps a bit different, listen for Journey's End which sounds more like melodic metal rock and has a fine catchy chorus. All in all, for classic and tradition heavy power metal, Conjuring Fate and Curse Of The Fallen are the real deal. Up the irons, and bang your head. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

All in all, for classic and tradition heavy power metal, Conjuring Fate and Curse Of The Fallen are the real deal. Up the irons, and bang your head. Recommended.

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