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Mysterizer: Invisible Enemy
Mysterizer - Invisible Enemy Music Review

Mysterizer: Invisible Enemy

Melodic Heavy Metal Rock

The history is a bit sketchy, but Mysterizer is a new Finnish band formed from an unnamed defunct heavy metal cover band. The band features vocalist Tomi Kurtti from the Finnish bands Amoth and HMS Keelhaul. Mysterizer dropped an EP in 2018, Tales From The Mystery Days. Now the band returns with their debut long player, Invisible Enemy.

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Mysterizer is treading familiar waters with their musical style. Essentially, the band playes melodic heavy metal with a definitive hard rock groove. You can expect to hear plenty of song melody and harmony, solid twin guitar harmony and abundant solos, and a driving rock groove from the rhythm section. While all these elements are well-balanced in the song arrangments, I found Mysterizer's sound to be quite guitar forward, thanks to the commanding twin riffage and roaring leads. Ultimately, with this combination you'll find yourself both head banging and toe tapping. At the microphone, Kurtti has strong metal vocal style, singing clean, working the song melody, yet sometimes his range goes to screamo. Other members also back him up with harmonious gang vocals in many songs.

As for the songs, here's a few samples. With tunes like Take And Go, Two Lives, and the shorter Fire With Fire you get some speedy heavy metal rock. For Trails Of Blood and The Dead Man's Hand, you'll hear some steady and heavy riff rockers. Within Behind The Masquerade, bass and drums lead the song before guitars rise to roar and a steady rock groove propels the tune. Throughout the song that same bass and drum line have a prominent place. All said, Mysterizer's Invisible Enemy is a fine album of lively and entertaining, guitar-driven, melodic heavy metal rock. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

Mysterizer's Invisible Enemy is a fine album of lively and entertaining, guitar-driven, melodic heavy metal rock. Recommended.

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