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Tarchon Fist: Apocalypse
Tarchon Fist - Apocalypse Music Review

Tarchon Fist: Apocalypse

Heavy Power Metal

My first encounter with Italy's Tarchon Fist was back in 2008, when I reviewed their self-titled debut album. Except for a recent compilation album, 2016's Celebration, the metal band has been flying under my radar. Tarchon Fist returns with their fourth studio album, Apocalypse. The album arrives with something of a convuluted concept. The "apocalypse" is not the Biblical reference from the Book of Revelation. Perhaps it's best if the band explains: read the promo one-sheet from the record label.

Tarchon Fist - Click For Larger Image

Tarchon Fist

Otherwise, I'm going to try to be brief with this review. To refresh our memmories, Tarchon Fist plays classic and traditional European heavy power metal. Their metal has some obvious characteristics: twin guitar harmony, a galloping rhythm section with some rock groove, and rabid roaring guitar solos. Generally, most songs simply jump from the gate with sharp riffs, shift into fifth gear speed, and then gallop to the guitar solos. It's a tried and true formula from a band that knows how to deliver quinessential power metal. However, the wild card for me was, once again faithful readers, the lead vocals. Mirco Ramondo has a strong voice and generally sings melodic and clean, but most times he seemed simply raw and screamo to my ears. And so I tired of him quickly. Perhaps he's merely an acquired taste like drinking tequila straight. So where does that leave us then. Simply, with Apocalypse I enjoyed Tarchon Fist's galloping guitar-driven heavy metal, but the vocals not so much. Listen below, then check out and support the band.

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The Bottom Line

Simply, with Apocalypse I enjoyed Tarchon Fist's galloping guitar-driven heavy metal, but the vocals not so much.

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