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Spread Eagle: Subway To The Stars
Spread Eagle - Subway To The Stars Music Review

Spread Eagle: Subway To The Stars

Melodic Heavy Metal Rock

Once more we trip back to the early Nineties to revisit another American hard rock band. Spread Eagle rose from the mean streets of New York City to offer, what many called, East Coast Street Metal. The band's sound raised some eyebrows in the Big Apple, and the West Coast, and were quickly signed to MCA Univeral, releasing two albums. 1990's Spread Eagle was well-received by the rock populace, but 1993's Open To The Public, well, not so much. To sing that sad song once more, with the raging advent of grunge, Spread Eagle disbanded in 1995.

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Spread Eagle

Bump up a mere 11 years when original members Rob De Luca and Ray West resurrected Spread Eagle. Their debut album was subsequently remastered and re-released on a small independent label. Spread Eagle did a few shows in support. Adding another 13 years, De Luca and West have added two new members: Ziv Shalev on guitar and Rob's cousin Rik De Luca on drums. Spread Eagle now drops their long-awaited third album Subway To The Stars.

And it's pretty darn good one at that. Spread Eagle definitely resides in the realm of melodic hard rock with significant metal edge. The former is found in the abundance of catchy rhythm, beat, and groove combined with solid song melody and vocal harmony. The metal edge rises from the sharp riffs, heavy, sometimes speedy, rhythm section, and the abundance of ripping guitar solos.

Moving on to a sampling of songs, you'll hear some strong riff rockers with Antisocial Butterfly, Dead Air, and Subway To The Stars. Spread Eagle shifts into fifth gear with the speedy Sound Of Speed and the heavy and fast Grand Scam. With the melody and vocal harmony of Gutter Rhymes For Valenties, the band pulls a little more AOR accessibility from their musical tool box. Then they get in touch with their sweet, soulful side with the acoustic ballad, Solitaire. Alternatively, I found the songs More Wolf Than Lamb and Little Serpentina a tad too plodding to appreciate. Nevertheless, Spread Eagle's Subway To The Stars finds the band revived and refreshed, offering listeners a solid album of melodic metal rock. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

Spread Eagle's Subway To The Stars finds the band revived and refreshed, offering listeners a solid album of melodic metal rock. Recommended.

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