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Street Lethal: Welcome To The Row
Street Lethal - Welcome To The Row Album Art Work

Street Lethal: Welcome To The Row

Traditional Heavy Metal

Hailing from Barcelona, Street Lethal is a young Spanish metal band, with equally young members ( and all having stage names ending in lethal). I'm not sure if any of them are over 25 years of age, which really doesn't matter. But this female-fronted band plays traditional "keep it true" heavy metal, straight out of the early Eighties and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. These kids are a generation, nearly 40 years, removed from that era. That tells you something about the legend and continuing longevity of the classic heavy metal genre. That, or they've been stealing their parents (or grandparents) vinyl records.

Street Lethal - Click For Larger Image

Street Lethal

After two EPs and a live album, Street Lethal returns with their first long-player, Welcome To The Row. Actually, "long-player" is a rather sketchy description as the album has only six songs tracking at 30 minutes. It's an EP, duh. By definition. Nevertheless, within Welcome To The Row you'll find some spry and energetic traditional heavy metal. Hardly reinventing the wheel, Street Lethal is simply keeping the genre fresh and alive for their generation with twin guitar harmony, blazing twin lead guitar solos, and strong gallop and groove from an energetic rhythm section. Regarding the guitar work, if you recall how Tipton and Downing could trade guitar licks in Judas Priest, you'll dig Street Lethal's tandem fret tour-de-force. Check out the video below.

Over this Hell Rose Lethal (aka Elena) offers her clean, melodic, sometimes soaring vocals. Actually, as a vocalist she's very good at following the melody and harmony of the song arrangements. In the end, I was perhaps more impressed with metal music, especially the guitar work, rather than her vocals. But that's no reason to dismiss the album; it's merely a subjective observation on my part.

For the six songs, Welcome To The Row, Roll Racing, Searching The Wild, Tyrants, and Into Your Mind are speedy metal tunes. Tyrants begins with a nice drum flurry, and Into Your Mind with a spry bass intro. Street Lethal gets more heavy and steady with the longer and slower Rulers Of The Underground, which has a fine acoustic breakdown about three-quarters in. All said, for traditional heavy metal brought forward to this current time and generation, Street Lethal delivers the goods with Welcome To The Row. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

All said, for traditional heavy metal brought forward to this current time and generation, Street Lethal delivers the goods with Welcome To The Row. Recommended.

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