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Veritates: Killing Time
Veritates - Killing Time Album Art Work

Veritates: Killing Time

Traditional Heavy/Power Metal

Veritates is a new metal band from Germany which features Wolfen vocalist Andreas von Lipinski and Grave Digger drummer Marcus Kniep. The core of the band is rounded out with Tom Winter on rhythm guitar and Jorg Belstler on bass. You'll note that I didn't mention lead guitar duties. Veritates recruited guest guitarists from notable German bands including Andreas Doetsch from Wolfen, Niclas Stappert from Reinforcer, and V.O. Pulver of Poltergeist. I'm not sure how this going to work out in a live context.

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Citing influences as divergent as Matt Barlow-era Iced Earth and early Kamelot, Veritates plays traditional heavy power metal. You'll find the gallop and groove of power metal with The Past Is Dead, Killing Time (nice bass breakdown in the middle), and the quite speedy Hasta La Muerte. The Wild Hunt, featuring Reinforcer vocalist Logan Lexi, will trip you up with its benign start before leaping to some speed metal. Similar, Jerusalem offers a lighter guitar and drum start before developing into steady heavy metal with mixed pacing. An even more elaborate arrangement comes with Hangmen Also Die, where Veritates juxtaposes soft and heavy parts with quick and steady pacing. Throughout the album the guest guitarists lay down solid and skillful solos. For his part, von Lipinski shows his range from subtle (Hangmen Also Die) to screamo (The Past Is Dead and others). I found his voice to be an acquired taste. Nevertheless, for traditional power metal with some feisty guitar parts, Veritates delivers the goods with their debut Killing Time. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

For traditional power metal with some feisty guitar parts, Veritates delivers the goods with their debut Killing Time. Recommended.

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